Tuesday, February 23, 2010

London's bStore.

What is bStore?

You may have not heard of the London based brand bstore, So let me enlighten you with a little history: the brand opened in 2001 with designers, Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattieas (above photo), as a shoe label with their first home in Mayfair's Conduit Street, London. The brand aimed to reach out to the youth, they wanted to become a sort of "tree house" for young artists and designers within the fashion industry. A place inviting graduates from London colleges to be able to take refuge to imagine, create & design. The brand grew, and moved to its current location on Savile Row and the took a new path: designing a unisex line.

ok NOW:

Last Friday, during London's Fall 2010 Fashion Week, bStore launched their "first" Womens collection created by mastermind fashion designer Natascha Stolle who teamed up with the house designers . "I had a particular kind of girl in mind when I designed this collection," says American-born Stolle , "She embodies an unstudied chic indifference to the world, and it's her nonchalant elegance in particular that I was trying to capture" - something she explains she has done through wrap/tie details, twisted pleating and a "more-is-more approach to layering". She described the collection as having a "masculine edge" with a dash of the "40's"- with high waists, pyjama cardigans and a stylish DIY approach. Here are some of my favorites of the line:

Natascha Stolle
©2009, Retts Wood.

The line:

Photo credit: www.catwalking.com