Wednesday, March 17, 2010

finally some time to myself.

While buying my monthly round of magazines at B&N, I randomly stumbled upon a hardcover novel called "A Model Summer" , which to my luck, was on sale. I would glance away and back from other books back to the novel with its intriguing cover photo & so bought it because it looked pretty. Today I actually had the ability to sit down and read the book (which isn't common) & so far, to my surprise, haven't been able to put it down, its been a while since i actually felt this way about a book. It's also pretty intriguing because I'm taking French, and throughout the story the author refers to terms in French that I actually understand. The story is set in Paris about a 15 year old girl (1/2 swedish 1/2 Czech) trying to succeed as a model coming to find that the industry isn't everything she imagined it to be....ok ok I won't ruin the plot just in case you decide to read the book yourself. Well night lovelies. Au Revoir. xx