Friday, March 5, 2010


Reset (live) by mute math.

MuteMath, is one of my favorite bands. What i love about their music is that is has no boundaries. They explore all aspects of music, never veering from their roots: rock n roll. They have an electro-alternative-rock to psychedelic-gospel to experiment vibe. Listening to them on recording/album is great, but live... they are absolutely mesmerizing. At the first show I attended with them performing, the drummer, Darren King, came out standing center stage and begins mask taping his headphones to his head,why? because he just plays that hard. During the show, lead singer and keyboard player Paul Meany stood on his keyboard, while playing, and did a hand stand. Then during the show, the drummer, threw his bass from his drum sett into the crowd and started crowd surfing on top of it. This upcoming month of April, MuteMath will be playing all over the United States, I will be seeing them at Coachella, music festival in California, really if you have the chance to see them don't miss out.